MSB™ is committed to providing industry-leading solutions to empower educators to maximize their time with the children they serve.


  • Provide outstanding customer service and support to develop customer evangelists
  • Actively collect and assimilate all feedback from clients to improve all aspects of our service delivery
  • Communicate clients’ needs passionately throughout the organization
  • Provide our clients with accurate and consistent messages that represent the mission of MSB™
  • Adapt our processes and procedures to exceed our clients’ needs
  • Provide our clients with pertinent information and best practices in our areas of expertise
  • Strive to be highly informed about special education and industry-related matters
  • Approach all internal and external communication with a positive attitude
  • Cultivate and maintain a team environment in every situation by putting the needs of others first
  • Reward those employees who take appropriate risks for the benefit of our clients